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Winsor & Newton Artists' Acrylic Colour - 200ml

Winsor & Newton

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Product Overview

Professional Acrylic is  finest quality acrylic range. 

It combines colour making expertise with the latest developments in resin technology. Our 80 colours are brilliant when wet and remain as bright when dry. What you see is really what you get.

No colour shift from wet to dry
Most acrylic paints darken in tone as they dry. This affects colour richness, intensity and depth and makes colour matching difficult. With our new unique binder, translucent when wet and drying clear, there is virtually no colour shift at all. This makes it easier to match Professional Acrylic colours from palette to canvas, and delivers superb colour brilliance every time.

With 62 single pigment colours, this creates the cleanest, brightest spectrum, and the best colour mixing opportunities.

Longer working time
Acrylics dry quickly, which allows you to over paint within minutes and build up multiple layers during one painting session. For some artists acrylics can dry a little too quickly, so we have formulated the range to have a longer working time on the palette without compromising the drying time. Depending on the thickness of the paint, the working time is approximately 20-30 minutes.

Consistency & Texture
Professional Acrylic range offers a smooth, thick, buttery consistency with no stringiness. The colour blends easily, can be mixed with mediums and thinned with water for water colour techniques. It also retains brushstrokes for excellent impasto effects.

Surface Sheen 
Professional Acrylic gives a generally even satin finish. Unlike other ranges, the colours do not contain extenders to modify the gloss, allowing the natural properties of the pigments to shine, which means there is some variation in surface sheen across different colours.