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Liquitex Modeling Paste (237ml)


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Product Overview

Texture: Thick
Sheen: Matte
Relative Opacity: Opaque 
  • Extra heavy body and very opaque.  
  • A marble paste made of marble dust and 100% polymer emulsion.  
  • Used to build heavy textures on rigid supports and create three-dimensional forms.  
  • Dries to the hardness of stone. It can be sanded or carved when thoroughly dry.  
  • Can be handled like clay if the top of the container is removed and some of the water is allowed to slowly evaporate until it reaches a clay-like consistency.  
  • Adheres to any non-oily, absorbent surface.  
  • Drying too quickly causes mud cracking that is usually cosmetic, not structural.  
  • When mixed with acrylic colors will act as a weak tinting white, while increasing thickness and rigidity.  
  • Excellent substrate for acrylic paint, oil paint, oil pastel, oil bars, watercolour, graphite or dry pastel.