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Liquitex Airbrush Medium (237ml)


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Product Overview

Effects Painting Medium
Texture: Fluid
Sheen: Satin
Relative Opacity: Transparent


Liquitex Airbrush Medium is specifically formulated to thin acrylic colors for airbrush application. Mixing colors with Airbrush Medium will ensure that the colors do not lose their flexibility, durability and adhesion.


  • Low viscosity  
  • Ready to use pre-filtered and pre-reduced to the required consistency for airbrush techniques, add as much or as little as desired.  
  • Formulated for thinning acrylic colors for airbrush application.  
  • Ensures colors do not lose flexibility, durability and adhesion.  
  • Easily thins acrylic color or any water-soluble paints to a sprayable consistency.  
  • Allows thinned acrylic paint to be sprayed efficiently and retain paint film integrity.  
  • Liquitex Airbrush Medium mixes easily with all Liquitex Soft Body Artist Colors to produce airbrush paint with the proper viscosity for airbrushing.  
  • Can also be mixed with Liquitex Heavy Body Artist Colors.  
  • Can be mixed with all Liquitex paint, mediums and gesso.  


  • Mix Liquitex Airbrush Medium into Soft Body Artist Color there is no need to strain.  
  • Mix Liquitex Airbrush Medium into Heavy Body Artist Color and strain to remove any undissolved color.  
  • Start by mixing 50% Liquitex Airbrush Medium to color and mix thoroughly. Add further Airbrush Medium as necessary to facilitate flow through the airbrush. Each color may require a different percentage of Airbrush Medium to color, due to variation in color pigment size and concentration of pigment.  
  • Airbrush nozzle size and spraying pressure (PSI) will determine the ratio of Airbrush Medium to paint mixture. Larger nozzles allow for greater amounts of paint in the mixture.  
  • Keep airbrush wet during use, do not allow paint to dry in airbrush.  
  • Clean airbrush with water, water/ammonia mixture, Liquitex Professional Acrylic Ink Pen Cleaner, airbrush cleaner or alcohol.