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BOB ROSS Master Painting Set


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Product Overview

This set contains high-quality oil paint suitable for a variety of techniques and applications to create beautiful landscape paintings by employing the Bob Ross 'Wet-on-Wet' Technique.

The BOB ROSS' Master Paint Set includes a 'Getting Started with Bob Ross' DVD which helps you learn to paint 'Mountain Summit' using the contents of your Master Paint Set which also includes a selection of brushes and accessories:

8 x Bob Ross Oil Paints (37ml/1.25 oz each): Bright Red, Phthalo Blue, Midnight Black, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Yellow, Van Dyke Brown, Titanium White, Sap Green 

1 x Bob Ross 1 inch Landscape Brush

1 x Bob Ross 2 inch Background Brush

1 x Bob Ross #6 Large Fan Brush

1 x Bob Ross #2 Liner Brush

1 x Bob Ross #10 Large Painting Knife

1 x Bob Ross Liquid White Basecoat (118ml)

"Getting Started" DVD

Instructions for painting a Bob Ross style mountain scene.