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Pebeo Setacolour - Opaque Shimmer (45ml)


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Product Overview

Designed for the decoration of dark coloured fabrics. 

Shimmering, opaque colours.

Iridescent, rich and deep colour quality. 

Concentrated colours with good coverage. 

Good lightfastness. 

These colours do not affect the suppleness and finesse of fabrics. 

Colours can be mixed together. 

Air-dry in 1 hour. 

Colours are fixed by ironing (without steam) on the reverse side of the fabric. 

48 hours after fixing, the colours are resistant to dry cleaning, hand washing and machine washing at 40°C (100°F). 

Water based colours. 

Available in a range of 20 colours. 

Also available in opaque, opaque pearl and light fabric colours.