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BOB ROSS Travel Easel


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Product Overview

Such a handy little companion, the mighty Bob Ross Travel Easel is constructed of smooth hardwood and beautifully fire-branded with the Bob Ross insignia. The easel weighs just over one pound yet holds a standard-sized canvas!

Light-weight, sturdy little easel packs up to the size of a textbook, ready for painting anytime, anywhere. Nonslip pads and an elastic fabric cord holds and tilts the canvas with gentle resistance which prevent movement, just right for the robust style of Bob Ross painting.

  • 10.25 x 7 x 1.25 inches when stored fit into a brief case.

  • Holds a standard 24 x 36 stretched canvas or canvas panel.

  • Use at home, in class, or most anywhere.

  • Rubber feet to prevent marring.