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Schmincke 10 Multi-Purpose Pastel

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Product Overview

? THE BRAND: Schmincke has been producing the best, finest artists' colours Made in Germany since 1881 and they are available in over 60 countries. The range includes watercolours, acrylics, oil colours, pastels, gouache colours, airbrush colours and much more.

? Pastels: Small cardboard starter set pastel painting with 10 finest pastels, multi-purpose, suitable for all themes (L x W x H x 18.8 x 11.7 x 3.3 cm). Ideal as a starter box for pastel painting and as a small gift set in best, velvet-matt Schmincke pastel quality.

? COLOURS: colours included are - 001 D - White, 003 D - Light yellow 2, 010 D - Light orange, 042 D - Light permanent red 1, 041 D - Scarlet, 063 D - Dark ultramarine, 077 D - May green, 014 D - Golden ochre, 036 D - Vandyck brown, 095 B - Cold grey

? QUALITY: The 400 extra-fine pastels from Schmincke are as delicate as velvet and silk with a particularly soft and intense colour application due to their formula and manufacture-like production. They contain a maximum of the best artist's pigments with a minimal binder content. Highest light fastnesses ensure durability and unique colour mixtures as well as special colours allow limitless artistic possibilities

? Good to know: The pastels consist of the best artists pigments without chalk content! The binder content is so low that the pigments just get a stable bond. There are 5 gradations of each of 75 colours: Full tone (D), a black gradation (B) as well as 3 white gradations (H, M, O). Versatile use: pure on pastel paper, mixed media technique, on canvas with the special Schmincke primer. Pastel paintings should be protected with a special pastel fixative, e.g. Schmincke pastel fixative AEROSPRAY.